A Girl's Guide to Personal Hygiene : true stories, illustrated-9781911617761

A Girl's Guide to Personal Hygiene : true stories, illustrated

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Women aren't as ladylike as people would like to imagine. Using secrets collected from hundreds of them, this exquisitely disgusting illustrated book rewrites our definition of femininity. When artist Tallulah Pomeroy asked people to anonymously submit anecdotes about the weird, unruly things they did with their bodies, she was inundated.

From tampons and trapped wind to ear wax and pubes, stories flowed in from a community of hilarious, radically honest women, who, by admitting to things they had thought were shameful, no longer had to feel ashamed. Now illustrated, these stories take the female anatomy as far away from the male gaze as it is possible to get, in a celebration of women's bodies that is gleeful, gross, subversive, and beautiful, all at once.

Published 29/11/2018 in United Kingdom
Paperback | 112 pages