Drive your Plow over the Bones of the Dead-9781913097257

Drive your Plow over the Bones of the Dead

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This is a Polish murder mystery about animal rights, crimes against nature, astrology, and more. It follows an older woman, Janina, who lives in a remote Polish village and clearly prefers the company of animals to people. Winter is settling in around the mountainside community, and Janina spends most of her days alone, checking on the summer homes of wealthy city families who won’t return to the village for months. At the opening of the novel, Janina’s closest permanent neighbor is found dead, and soon thereafter a mounting number of other strange and suspicious deaths occur throughout the community. Janina becomes obsessed with investigating the deaths, and is convinced they are a string of connected murders with an environmentally-tinged motivation.

Published 18/10/2019 in United Kingdom
Paperback | 274 pages