The Comedy of Error : why evolution made us laugh-9781913348182

The Comedy of Error : why evolution made us laugh

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What is humour? Why do we laugh? And why is the root of a good joke almost always error? Good jokes, bad jokes, clever jokes, dad jokes - the desire to laugh is universal. But why do we find some gags hilarious, whilst others fall flat? Why does explaining a joke make it less amusing rather than more so? Why is laughter contagious, and why did it evolve in the first place? Using the oldest jokes and the latest science, in The Comedy of Error, Professor Jonathan Silvertown investigates why we laugh: from laughter's evolutionary origins, to similarities and differences in humour across cultures, and even why being funny makes us sexier. As this unique book demonstrates, understanding how humour really works can provide endless entertainment.

Published 12/11/2020 in United Kingdom
Hardback | 192 pages