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Rebel Alliance : Short Story Anthology

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Politicians across the world are reaching for words that seek to accuse, to isolate and to frighten. And fear isn't subtle. There has been a collective intake of breath in response to a narrative of intolerance.

There can be no grey areas. Except that human existence is all about the grey areas - and it is those that this anthology of short stories explores - providing a space for stories to be told and voices to be heard. Some stories are based on true experiences, or speculative fiction and political parables to reflect on our present day problems.

And what will future historians make of our troubled times? Hopefully, this anthology will help to put the record straight. Some of the selected short stories were previously published in: Refugees and Peacekeepers; My Europe and Tempest. Contributors to Rebel Alliance include Penny Simpson, Petra McQueen, Naomi Hamill and Emma Bamford.

Published 19/10/2020 in United Kingdom: politics, refugees, Europe, EU, Brexit, US relations, climate change
Paperback | 144 pages