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Ahed Tamimi : A Girl Who Fought Back

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In December 2017, a video clip went viral. Millions felt they had to watch a strange and uneven dispute. On one side were two male, fully armed, uniformed soldiers, and, on the other, two girls, dressed in every-day clothing. The soldiers belong to an occupation army from a foreign country. The girls tell them to leave the family s garden. But the soldiers refuse to leave. One soldier tries to push away the youngest of the girls, 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi. Ahed reacts quickly, strikes back at the soldier, and slaps him. Four days later, the whole world is shocked to see Ahed sent to a military prison inside Israel, for that slap. When Ahed s mother, Nariman complained, she was arrested and imprisoned too.

This is the story of Ahed Tamimi. Who unintentionally, has become a world-wide symbol of self-esteem in the face of oppression. The book also reveals the plight of hundreds of child political prisoners held in Israeli military prisons. Ahed s fate is that of a young Palestinian, but she gives courage and hope to anyone, who, anywhere in the world needs to find the strength to stand up against wrong-doing and call out: Stop! No more! As Ahed herself says: Right now, injustice is happening all across the world. We should extend our struggles to one another in order to end all of the world s injustices. We are all victims of some kind of occupation. We won t let anyone suffer alone.

Published 13/04/2018 in Sweden
Paperback | 172 pages