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Cover for: Feminist, trans & anti-racist Solidarity Stickers

Feminist, trans & anti-racist Solidarity Stickers


Want to wear your intersectional feminism on your bike /laptop cover/ local lampposts? We have stickers for you!

We have gathered original designs by Huld, Edinburgh Stickers Brigade  & Sisters Uncut that support a bold, intersectional feminist and queer community in Edinburgh. They are designed to be explicitly trans inclusive, a wee way of showing solidarity and having positive visibility at a time when some would have us believe the city is hostile to our trans siblings. They are wrong, this is one wee way to show that.

Each bundle will include an assortment of 25 stickers.

MAX 2 BUNDLES/ PERSON - If you purchase more we will simply cancel & refund the extra.

Sales will help cover printing costs for these and future batches of stickers by Edinburgh Stickers Brigade & Sisters Uncut Edinburgh - the bookshop will not be profiting.

We can also offer free bundles, get in touch with mairi at books@lighthousebookshop.com to organise that. We are proud to support this initiative by Edinburgh Stickers Brigade, a group of individuals organising locally and independently to fight back transphobic and racist stickers around Edinburgh neighbourhoods.

Stickers will be available through other local hubs too like the Kafe Kweer, we are just one outpost.

Illustration credits include: Sarah Leonie Lewis for inclusive feminism buttons.