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Lucky Dip: Indie Press Fiction


Readers rarely consider the publisher of a book - but for us booksellers it’s central to how we choose our books.

Independent presses so often punch well above their weight - they are the creative engine of our industry, taking risks, finding and publishing emerging voices, developing writers. They curate brilliant lists and they get to know us bookshops, letting us know about prefect books for us that might otherwise slip under the radar.

Our favourite presses, bringing you astonishingly good fiction include Comma Press, Cypher, Charco Press, Titled Axis. Hope Road,And Other Stories, Saqi, Fitzcarraldo Editions, Sandstone, Oneworld, Canongate, Granta and Faber. And there are of course many many more!

A lot of the smaller indie publishers are hurting especially bad in these days of Corona.

When you buy an ‘indie press lucky dip’ we’ll simply pick a book off the shelf from a fantastic indie publisher, and send it to you. A great way of discovering new voices - and celebrate the publishers bringing them to you!