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Books should not be a luxury.

These pay-it-forward (PIF) contributions make books and bookish joy available to more people. PIF vouchers can be used by anyone (online or in the shop) who is too skint to buy a book or attend an event.

The PIF is relatively healthy, thanks to the generosity & solidarity of readers. So if you (or someone you know) is broke, but could use a book - please just ask to settle up using Pay-It-Forward/ PIF at the till or the PIF code at checkout - we don’t ask any questions, we just send the books :)

Individual orders with PIF are now capped at £20 to make sure we have enough money to go around - for any orders over £20 we'll just send the first book(s) until we meet the cap. Thanks for understanding!

Thanks for supporting your fellow readers, and our bookshop - it means the world to us. Read a lil more about PIF here.

Pay It Forward Voucher