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How Subscriptions Work

Subscriptions take two forms:

1) you choose a type of subscription

- A predetermined number of books, paid up front (ideal as a gift, you set the length & we send with a gift message in email & first bundle!)

- A rolling subscription, paid on the same date as your initial payment each month.

2) you give us the email address to send the subscription & activation details to

3) if a gift, the recipient will 'activate' the account using the link emailed, and input a delivery address. At this point the subscription is 'live'.

4) on the 20th of each month we start prepping parcels for all who have subscribed

5) on the last wednesday of the month we will post your bundle & email you your virtual offering (using the details in the subscriber page)

6) you/the recipient is *thrilled* by their delivery a few days later! You read the book & explore the online delights (take part in a bookclub, watch a Q&A with the author or tune in for an event, that sort of thing).

More answers to FAQs about subscriptions HERE.

HOPE IS THE THING: A Poetry Subscription

Hope Is The Thing is a poetry subscription that brings new and refreshing poetry to the forefront - with a little smattering of older collections from poets who have traditionally been overlooked and misaligned. We see ‘The Canon’ and raise you, well, everything else.

We want to raise the bar; poetry often gets a bad rep, thought to be a boring and stale form for white men of a bygone era. We want to show you that poetry has always been a subversive form; at its roots full of resistance and radical love and joy.

Hope is the thing, the revolutionary fuel that keeps us all going, and we can find that in poetry. That’s our promise to you: radical love, joy as resistance, hope as a revolutionary necessity.

Each bundle will feature:

  • A collection of poetry carefully picked and introduced by one of the Lighthouse family
  • A further-reading list
  • A special digital offering - such as an author Q&A, video reading etc.
  • A bespoke bookmark & sticker

All the above joyfully delivered in an eco-friendly parcel with as little packaging as possible!

Your very first bundle will also come with a Lighthouse canvas bag designed by Edinburgh-based designer Topsy Corian & tattoo artist Nik Costas, so it'll look something like this:




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