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Fighting intolerance this LGBT history month

February 22, 2018

If the last two years in politics have taught us anything, it’s that intolerance not only endures in our society but does so as a powerful force which must be resisted at every turn. We can no longer assume that the moral development of states and nations will proceed in an untroubled fashion, and the … Read more

Trump & the blurring of reality

January 12, 2018

Fire & Fury has landed in the bookshop and we have mixed feelings about stocking yet another book about the west’s most embarrassing, dangerous man. What more does it add/ offer/ bring to the table? Well, here are Masha Gessen’s thoughts, she puts it better than we ever could: “The President of the United States … Read more

Women in Translation

August 11, 2017

Figures show that we are nearing an equilibrium in novel sales between the genders. Almost as many books sell by female authors as books by male authors. The difference according to many book sales charts is as little as one or two percent in both many areas of genre writing and literary fiction. That said, … Read more

Independent Bookshop Week : Remember the MillionsMissing #ME

June 25, 2017

What if you couldn’t visit your local bookshop? What if it took you a day’s bed rest to recover from making a pot of a tea? What if you had to choose between washing your hair and reading a chapter?  When you are severely disabled even the tiniest task can be a herculean feat. I’d … Read more

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