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Independent Bookshop Week : Remember the MillionsMissing #ME

June 25, 2017

What if you couldn’t visit your local bookshop? What if it took you a day’s bed rest to recover from making a pot of a tea? What if you had to choose between washing your hair and reading a chapter?  When you are severely disabled even the tiniest task can be a herculean feat. I’d … Read more

Edinburgh’s Book Fringe 2017

June 7, 2017

Started in 2009 by Word Power, Edinburgh’s Book Fringe hosts an array of writers to perform, read from and discuss their work, as well as sign books. This year’s Book Fringe will be delivered by three independent bookshops – the Lighthouse, Golden Hare and Edinburgh Bookshop. This is a unique collaboration that celebrates Edinburgh’s vibrant literary scene … Read more

Encouraging debate vs promoting hate speech : Cancelling Gilad Atzmon

May 27, 2017

As some of you will be aware, the bookshop was recently asked to be a venue for Gilad Atzmon. Naively I agreed, not knowing much about him and not having much time to decide. Then I cancelled. Then I backtracked and reinstated the event, but I have decided, finally, to formally cancel this event. This decision … Read more

(re)Launch Party : Tuesday 9th May

May 1, 2017

The official opening of the Lighthouse Radical Bookshop kicks off at 7.30pm on Tuesday the 9th of May, 2017 – We’ve celebrated the end of an era, now it is time to ring in a new age! Join us to toast new beginnings, have a nosey, ask questions and hear all about plans for the … Read more

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