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Cover for: Herbarium : One Hundred Herbs * Grow * Cook * Heal

Herbarium : One Hundred Herbs * Grow * Cook * Heal

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A stylishly illustrated compendium of 100 herbs, designed to enrich our understanding of all their uses. This isn't just a book for the kitchen - it's for the greenhouse, the medicine cabinet, the coffee table... Award-winning designer Caz Hildebrand's Herbarium is a 21st-century reboot of the traditional herbal compendium.

The visual genius behind the international bestseller The Geometry of Pasta, she has created abstract forms and vibrant colours to illustrate 100 essential herbs and to reveal their hidden properties. From bergamot, comfrey and dill to sassafras, vervain and wasabi, all types of herbs are covered; each is explained through the fascinating history of their uses and symbolism. There are tips on how to use them as seasonings and how to create healing potions, as well as advice on when and how to grow them.

Herbarium celebrates all facets of herbs and all their life-enhancing properties.

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