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Cover for: The Lebanese Cookbook : Exploring the food of Lebanon, Syria and Jordan

The Lebanese Cookbook : Exploring the food of Lebanon, Syria and Jordan

Basan, Ghillie More by this author...£20.00

The food of Lebanon, Syria and Jordan takes me on a journey - a dip into history and scoot through modern life - as every dish has a connection to stories and passion, old traditions and new. Visiting this region is never dull as life unfolds before your eyes with chaos in the noisy streets, colour in the busy markets, and a feast of flavour wherever you go. If there is one thing that can unite communities it is food: the garlicky hummus and tangy smoked aubergine dip; spicy falafel and juicy fattoush; hot buttery pastries that melt in the mouth; comforting rice dishes and bean stews; classic kibbeh in all shapes and sizes; and moreish milk puddings and fritters in scented syrup.

There are Muslim feasts and Christian celebrations, Jewish and Armenian traditions, Palestinian communities and Arab heritage - there's a little bit of everything under this vast culinary roof." The culmination of years of research, this evocative volume by award-winning author and cook Ghillie Basan looks in detail at the history and geography, the customs and festivities, as well as all the local ingredients, and presents a mouthwatering selection of classic recipes, all beautifully photographed.