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Cover for: The Year of Miracles : Recipes About Love + Grief + Growing Things

The Year of Miracles : Recipes About Love + Grief + Growing Things

Ella Risbridger More by this author...£22.00Out 26th May 2022

"Bridget Jones' self-effacing wittiness, Julia Child's companionable forgiveness and Sylvia Plath's poetic prose." --NPR From the author of Midnight Chicken, a year in recipes, exploring the kitchen as a place for healing in the wake of tragedy. In Ella Risbridger's first book Midnight Chicken, she showed readers how food can serve as a light in our darkest days. Now, in The Year of Miracles, Ella chronicles a year in recovery from one of life's most harrowing challenges: grief.

When Ella was 25, she lost her partner Jim to cancer. Devastated by the loss, Ella began her year trying desperately to put together the pieces as she adjusted to life without her love. Gradually, as the year passed on, she tried new things in a new kitchen, leaned on friends and family, and eventually made it through. The Year of Miracles is Ella's month by month journey to finding reasons to live through food. It is about making a fancy dinner even though you're just eating it with a spoon in front of the tv; about having people over to dinner without planning it or overthinking it; about the late night snacks to ease us to sleep; about having seconds--of everything. Above all, it is about getting up and starting again in the face of unimaginable hurt. With tender vulnerability, mesmerizing prose, and delectable recipes, The Year of Miracles is a touching, unforgettable book on finding hope through food.

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