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The Manga Guide to Japanese Food

Nagashima, Hiroshi More by this author...£15.99

The complete backstory of Japanese cuisine explained in richly illustrated manga style!

This book explores the fascinating history, lore and practice of Japanese cooking through the eyes of Manabu, a young man who aspires to become a professional Japanese chef. Each chapter presents a new set of topics which help the reader to appreciate the great depth and complexity of Japan's amazing food culture.

Dozens of mini essays with hundreds of charming color illustrations and photos explain:

  • The importance of fundamental ingredients like rice, soybeans, seaweed and fish
  • The beauty of traditional utensils including lacquer ware, ceramics and knives
  • The key role played by fermented ingredients like miso, soy sauce and sake in Japanese cooking
  • The history of sushi, which developed from a traditional method of preserving fish
  • The concept of "umami" as one of just seven flavors that can be detected by the human tongue
  • How all these elements come together in a multicourse Kyoto-style Kaiseki dinner

There is even a quiz at the end so you can see how much you've learned along the way!

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