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(M)otherhood : A night with Pragya Agarwal

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Pragya Agarwal

This is a book about motherhood. And the shapes it takes. This is a book about bodies. And how some are less than the sum of their parts. This is a book about choices. The roads we follow, and those we are not allowed to walk.

We could not be more thrilled to host the launch of Dr Pragya Agarwal's stunning new book, a fittingly feminist, intersectional interrogation of motherhood by the woman who brought is Sway.

‘Absolutely sensational. Revelatory and of its time, challenging myths and ingrained perceptions. I could not put it down. Everyone should read this’ - ANGELA SAINI,  author of Inferior and Superior.

In a world where women have more choices than ever, society nevertheless continues to exert the stigma and pressures of less enlightened times when it comes to having children. We define women by whether they embrace or reject motherhood; whether they can give birth or not. Behavioural Scientist Pragya Agarwal uses her own varied experiences and choices as a woman of South Asian heritage to examine the broader societal, historical and scientific factors that drive how we think and talk about motherhood. She looks at how women's bodies have been monitored and controlled through history, and how this shapes the political constructs of motherhood and womanhood now. Extremely open in its honesty and meticulously researched, (M)otherhood probes themes of infertility, childbirth and reproductive justice, and makes a powerful and urgent argument for the need to tackle society's obsession with women's bodies and fertility. Join us for this conversation.

"(M)otherhood is a valuable step towards a literature that acknowledges the breadth and variety of the parenting experience and its cultural meanings. It is touchingly personal and brave." - SARA PASCOE, comedian, actor and author of Sex Power Money

Our Host:

Sat Sri Akaal,

I’m Ravideep Kaur, Coach/Mentor/Consultant – specialising in the somatic embodiment of decolonial healing & pro-liberatory education based in Dundee, Scotland. My passion for this work stems from my awareness and capacity to see things through multiple lenses at the same time. More about my work HERE.

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