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A World to Live For: on feeling a global crisis

Featured Speakers

Nadia Karim, Jessica Gaitán Johannesson

This event is a part of Radical Book Fair 2023: Revolutionary Feeling series. Click to view more from this festival.

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How do we navigate a world in crisis? How do we build, love and create in the midst of a climate collapse that is being mapped out on bodies and minds as well as the planet? Climate chaos and the failure of those in power to tackle it, are causing an inevitable mental health crisis across the globe. To exist in a world on fire takes an immense emotional, psychological and physical toll and we do our movements a disservice when we minimize this pain. A World To Live For brings together three writers, activists and thinkers who offer up feeling as a starting point to action.

Jessica Gaitán Johannesson and Nadia Karim take us from the grief, rage, loss and anxiety of our times to show us alternatives to despair and nihilism. To borrow the words of Nadia Karim, “every day, we write the story of our collective future”, together we can make it one of creativity, active hope and collective resistance.

Our Speakers

Jessica Gaitán Johannesson is a Swedish/Colombian writer and climate justice organiser whose writing currently focuses on the multiplicity of belonging. Her debut novel How We Are Translated (2021) was longlisted for the Desmond Elliott Prize. She is based in Edinburgh and currently organises with Climate Camp Scotland and Fossil Free Books. Her second book, The Nerves and Their Endings: essays on crisis and response was published in 2022.

Nadia Karim, aka Everyday Writes, is a queer neurodivergent life coach and writer based in Scotland. They specialise in one-to-one coaching for people with marginalised experiences, and in collective workshops and events that join the dots across the constellations of social justice, wellbeing, and our climate reality. Everyday Writes is a little ecosystem of soft spaces to land, a practice ground where we get to re-imagine and co-create the future earth we want to see, the relationships we want to nurture, the collective care we want to feel, the kind of ancestor we want to be. everydaywrites.com

This event originally included Charlie Hertzog Young but unfortunately Charlie is no longer able to to join us. Your book voucher can still be used to purchase Charlie's book Spinning Out.

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