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Abolition as liberation

Featured Speakers

Koshka Duff, Tanzil Chowdhury, Cradle Community & CAPE

This event is a part of Edinburgh's Radical Book Fair: Futures Worth Fighting For series. Click to view more from this festival.

"This is the first time we are seeing… a conversation about defunding, and some people having a conversation about abolishing the police and prison state. This must be what it felt like when people were talking about abolishing slavery.” – Patrisse Cullors, Black Lives Matter

Mainstream representations of police as protectors, and the legal system as one of justice, are wildly out of sync with history, and the lived reality of many.

Abolition is, fundamentally, a struggle for collective liberation: a transformative vision of a safer world, in which communities live free from exploitation on a thriving planet.

The current abolitionist movement exposes the tensions between current policing and criminal justice on the one hand, and values like freedom, equality, and democracy on the other. Abolition reveals how our criminal justice system has been critical in constructing today’s profoundly unequal and crisis-ridden social order.

This event will unpack why we might want to abolish police and prisons, what abolishing them would involve, and how it might be achieved. Our speakers invite you to explore what it will take to dismantle structures of oppression, and to imagine the future we can rebuild together—brick by brick.

We'll engage with concrete alternatives for preventing and responding to harms (such as sexual abuse and intimate partner violence – which police claim to deal with but in fact further entrench) in ways that move beyond the logic of crime and punishment and towards visions of justice that are both social and transformative.

Our speakers include Koshka Duff (she/her) , editor and contributor to Abolishing The Police & Tanzil Chowdhury(she/her), a representative of the Cradle Community as well as MJ (she/her) a queer, South Asian chav organising to end state violence and resist the growing Prison Industrial Complex in the UK with CAPE. The event is chaired by Leah Cowan, author of Border Nation.

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