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Festival EventThis event is a part of Edinburgh's Radical Book Fair: Futures Worth Fighting For series. Click to view more from this festival.

Flip The Script to The End: Inklings Part 2

Featured Speakers

Katy Goh, Arusa Qureshi & friends

This event is a part of Edinburgh's Radical Book Fair: Futures Worth Fighting For series. Click to view more from this festival.

Two books deserve a two-part launch! Flip The Script to The End is part 2 of our celebrations for Katie Goh’s The End and Arusa Qureshi’s Flip the Script, following on from a more traditional book chat between these two phenomenal writers and cultural critics.

For Flip The Script to the End - we'll be opening the Roxy's bar and pushing back the seats for something a lil more creative.

Expect performances featuring disaster fiction, imagined futures and the apocalypse, all topped off with a hip hop special DJ set.

Alongside Katie and Arusa our performers are:

Rosa Campbell is a writer and academic living in Leith, Edinburgh. She teaches modern and contemporary literature at the University of St Andrews, and her research is primarily interested in feminist and queer poetics. Her first book, Pothos, a memoir-ish lyric essay on grief and houseplants, was published in 2021 by Broken Sleep Books, and her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in fourteen poems, Oxford Poetry, Ambit, Gutter, Perverse, SPAM and elsewhere.

Deborah Chu is a writer and journalist whose works have been published in The List, Art UK and The Guardian. She won the Allen Wright Award in 2019 for excellence in arts journalism, and the Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award in 2021. She's currently writing her first collection of short stories, titled Milk and Honey, which explores how human relationships are transformed by climate change, disease and misinformation, as well as the places where redemption and epiphany can still be found.

Bee Asha Singh is a spoken word artist born and living in Edinburgh. Between Rap and Poetry her work is a cathartic outlet that she uses to explore themes of sexuality, trauma and gender equality, characterised by an openness to talk about her lived experiences. This year Asha has co-founded award winning charity, The Spit it Out Project, released her first album ‘From Girl to Men’, been nominated for SAMA best newcomer and was featured in YWCA 30 under 30’s.

Please note that social distancing and masks will still be expected at this event just like every other, though as the bar will be open people are permitted to remove their masks while they drink, and there will be a central dance floor as well as seating areas, arranged cabaret style.

The live stream for this even will only run for the first hour, 8.45-9.45.

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