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No Platform: Solidarity & Censorship from BDS to Trans rights

Featured Speakers

Hil Aked & Gina Gwenffrewi

This event is a part of Radical Book Fair 2023: Revolutionary Feeling series. Click to view more from this festival.

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Whose voices do we elevate, platform and engage with in our public spaces and institutions? How and why are certain issues given legitimacy, whilst others are undermined, marginalised, even stigmatised?

Dr Hil Aked, author of Friends of Israel : The Backlash Against Palestine Solidarity and Dr Gina Gwenffrewi from Edinburgh University join us to bring nuance, complexity and insight on 'no platforming', free speech and hate speech, integrity and responsibility in the social movements we are part of.

We'll be challenging reductive narratives around censorship, especially in institutional setting, and considering the power dynamics at play.

Our Speakers:

Dr Hil Aked (they/them) is a writer, investigative researcher and activist with a background in political sociology whose work has appeared in the Guardian, Independent, Sky News and Al Jazeera, as well as volumes from Pluto Press and Zed Books/Bloomsbury. Their first book Friends of Israel: The Backlash Against Palestine Solidarity was published by Verso in 2023.

Dr Gina Gwenffrewi (she/her) is a lecturer in Trans Studies at the University of Edinburgh and LGBTQ+ rep on the UCU's National Standing Committee. Her published articles include 'JK Rowling and the Echo Chamber of Secrets' and 'The stoning of Stonewall during the new trans panic,' and her first book, on the response of trans counterpublics to JK Rowling, will be published by Ohio State University Press in 2024-2025.

This panel will be chaired by Jim Taylor

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