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Festival EventThis event is a part of Radical Book Fair 2023: Revolutionary Feeling series. Click to view more from this festival.

Right to the Centre: online extremism and how to resist

Featured Speakers

Alice Cappelle and Gemma Milne

This event is a part of Radical Book Fair 2023: Revolutionary Feeling series. Click to view more from this festival.

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From the misogyny of figures such as Andrew Tate, to transphobia, racism and conspiracy theories, many of the most oppressive ideologies and behaviours harming our everyday lives have spread and garnered followers in digital spaces. The struggle to challenge them is being fought in schools as well as work-spaces and in the media.

This discussion will provide a space in which to look more closely at the role of online spaces in the development of far-right ideas. We’ll explore how these ideas make the jump from closed forums to mainstream media, and what is needed to challenge their power in society.

Our Speakers:

Alice Cappelle is a writer from France. She is known for her critical video essays on YouTube that have accumulated more than fifteen million views and is the author of Collapse Feminism: The Online Battle for Feminism’s Future.

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