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Trans Liberation: Resisting Transphobia In Edinburgh

20.10.2023 : 19:00 - 21:00
Augustine United, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EL
image for event: Trans Liberation: Resisting Transphobia In Edinburgh

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If you're interested in exploring any of the following questions, finding trans community and standing in solidarity, come along to the RTiE october conference!

What is trans liberation? What's the difference between trans rights and trans liberation?

What's the history of trans liberation? Where does the idea come from? Who have been the key voices?

How does the project of trans liberation intersect with other struggles e.g. class, abolitionism, women's liberation?

What can we do right now to advance trans liberation? In Edinburgh / Scotland / UK / internationally?

Resisting Transphobia in Edinburgh (RTiE) is a grassroots umbrella group containing people from many organisations and none, taking action through different member-instigated projects that include education, protests, art, and more to bring about societal change, and to show solidarity and support to other marginalised groups.

RTiE got on the go in March 2023, on the basis that with the Tories blocking the GRR Bill we needed to find ways to push back.

Their projects include a zine on transphobia, participation in Pride events, and ongoing outreach efforts. They aim to raise awareness and foster unity within the trans community and beyond, uniting people against misinformation and hatred, and actively working to change society to create a safer future for all non binary and trans people.

Successful movements rely on a diversity of tactics, but we need to develop politically too, hence our October conference.


Please note this event is run and organised by RTiE and hosted at Augustine United (a trans affirming place of worship), and Lighthouse is facilitating tickets - our Safe Spaces policy will apply.

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