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Unthinkable: Queer, Feminist, Gothic

Featured Speakers

Rebecca Wojturska, Celine Frohn, Katalina Watt, Heather Valentine, G.T. Korbin

This event is a part of Edinburgh's Radical Book Fair: Our Fight 2022 series. Click to view more from this festival.

What better way to celebrate a Radical Book Fair in dark November than with queer gothic writing? Join us on the Saturday evening of the fair for the ultimate evening of queer voices providing seasonally-appropriate chills.

Following on from the fantastic anthology Unspeakable, published in 2020, comes Unthinkable: over 18 brand new stories to disturb, delight and leave you sleepless. Here you will encounter vampires and haunted objects as well as non-binary forest gods.

We’re overjoyed to be welcoming some of the authors featured in the new anthology to the Radical Book Fair stage. Unsettling, entertaining, thoroughly creepy - these are the Unthinkable tales of a hauntingly good new pairing between two feminist presses, and we can't wait to share them with you.

Join us for a showcase of Queer gothic writing, hosted by Celine Frohn from Nyx and Rebecca Wojturska from Haunt, the formidable forces behind Unthinkable, and Unspeakable.

Our speakers:

Celine Frohn is a publisher, editor, and PhD researcher with a passion for Gothic and LGBTQ+ literature. The Unspeakable and Unthinkable anthologies combine both her academic work on the nineteenth-century Gothic, as well as her love for contemporary speculative fiction. Celine runs Nyx Publishing, which has published queer SFF including S.T. Gibson’s A Dowry of Blood and Holly J. Underhill’s The Bone Way.

Heather Valentine is a queer speculative fiction writer based in Glasgow, Scotland, where she runs a fanfiction open mic night. She has worked as a proofreader, a receptionist, a student teacher and a tour guide, and her interests include knitting, fantasy roleplaying games and vintage horror films. Her original stories have been published in magazines and anthologies including We Were Always Here: A Queer Words Anthology, LampLight Magazine, and Unspeakable: A Queer Gothic Anthology.

G.T. Korbin is an author from Greece, currently living abroad to pursue a career in STEM. Primarily a fantasy author, her writing often focuses on reimagining old myths and tales of her culture, with a love for drama that makes her think those tales might have been better left alone. When she's not writing, you can listen for the sound of Greek swearing to find her playing videogames or attempting to bake, both with similar success. You can follow her on twitter at @g_korbin, or read her short stories in anthologies from TL;DR Press and others.

Katalina Watt was longlisted for Penguin Write Now 2020, awarded a 2021 Ladies of Horror Fiction Writers Grant, and winner of the 2022 Ignyte Best Fiction Podcast Award for their work as founding Audio Director for khōréō magazine. They are published in various magazines and anthologies including Haunted Voices, Unspeakable, and Reclamation and appeared at Edinburgh International Book Festival, Cymera, and FIYAHCON. Katalina is represented by Robbie Guillory at Underline Literary. She can be found at: katalinawatt.com and on Twitter @KatalinaWatt.

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