Edinburgh's Radical Bookshop

Edinburgh's Radical Book Fair: Our Fight 2022

10.11.2022 : 12:00 - 19:30
image for event: Edinburgh's Radical Book Fair: Our Fight 2022


This year’s fair is taking place on Nov 10th - 13th at the Assembly Roxy in Edinburgh. Our theme for 2022 is, simply and necessarily: Our Fight.

Under this headline we hope to bring together conversations on togetherness, solidarity and resistance in a time of endlessly intersecting crises, inspiring visions of strengthened communities across divides.

In what ways must we come together at this moment, under new and old threats? What harnessed power might be possible when we do?

Like previous years, the fair will be made up of book stalls, activist stalls, events, workshops and more, ranging from topics such as mutual aid and policing to picket lines and making art as resistance. There will also be plenty of joy-giving performances and word-smithery!

2022 speakers include:

James Kelman, Lady Unchained, Cecilia Knapp, Cory Doctorow & Rebecca Giblin, Kübra Gümüsay & Kavita Bhanot, Hannah Lavery, Clementine Burnley, Lambros Fatsis & Melanya Lamb, Marianne Colbfran, Janine Booth and many more!

Explore the program below or cast an eye over our flyer HERE.


Accessibility: All events will be professionally filmed & livestreamed, as well as captioned both in the hall and online. The Roxy is wheelchair accessible (including toilets) and we'll have provisions for neurodivergent guests including stims, quiet space and colour-coded lanyards. *MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED AT ALL EVENTS*


The Radical Book Fair has been a staple of Edinburgh's political and literary landscape for over 20 years, originally run by Word Power Books, we've hosted writers as varied as Wole Soyinka, Michael Rosen, Stella Dadzie, Akwugo Emejulu, Ann Pettifor, Priyamvada Gopal, Eve Livingston,  Jen Deerinwaterand Maya Goodfellow. The full 2021 Book Fair can be watched back HERE.

TICKETS: The Radical Book Fair is entirely bookshop run, without outside funding, so any and all support means the world to us. The Fair is FREE to BROWSE through Thursday - Sunday and you can drop in whenever we are open,

Events are £5 or free as you can afford -we completely understand paying for one event and then getting free spots for others. ALL ticket sales help both to anticipate attendance and to help us pay all our speakers. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!