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On May 27th we'll be celebrating the launch of NeurodiVERSE, a stunning collection of poetry about neurodivergent experiences, by neurodivergent writers.

NeurodiVERSE is a book that portrays as many different experiences of being neurodivergent as there are poetic voices in it, and these voices are exceedingly vibrant; they invite anyone wanting to learn more, and to enjoy splendid poetry, to dive into its pages.

As we announce what promises to be a gorgeous evening, and look forward to the launch of this superb collection, we also dip into the wealth of work by neurodivergent writers out there, as recommended by two wonderful humans: Kate Fox, one of the editors of NeurodiVERSE, and Fergus Murray from AMASE (Autistic Mutual Aid Society Edinburgh).

From poetry to fiction, books for young readers to explorations of autistic queerness and feminism, this is only a small part of a rich and expanding universe.

Book your slot at the launch of NeurodiVERSE here!

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