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Autistic Pride!


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Autistic Pride Day is an annual celebration of the beauty and joy in neurodiversity and a time to make space to discuss and discover the rights and challenges the autistic community is campaigning for just now.

Autistic pride highlights that autistic people have always been an important part of human culture. Being autistic is a form of neurodiversity. As with all forms of neurodiversity, most of the challenges autistic people face come from other people's attitudes about autism and a lack of supports and accommodations (ableism), rather than being essential to the autistic condition.

Here are some great books about autism, tremendous novels by autistic writers, glorious kids and YA books with autistic rep - get reading!

Two wee ways to support Edinburgh's autistic community today:

Buy fab stickers by artist Shanodin, through the bookshop or their Ko-fi!



The wonderful humans from AMASE (Autistic Mutual Aid Society Edinburgh) are calling for a Neurodiversity Commission for Scotland - Here they are explaining why it's important - check out the petition here.

And 3 people to follow if you're on twitter who will introduce you to many more: @QueerlyAutistic, @AMASEdin. @Scottishautism.

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