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Great novels with Jewish rep that aren't set in WWII


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A special guest selection by Romie Nguyen, a french-vietnamese, queer, jewish bookblogger and publishing intern you should all follow on instagram: @romiewedeservelove

"This is your reminder that Jewish people do not exist to be in pain and relive a traumatic part of their history over and over again."

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Romie is smiling at the camera, holding The Wolf and the Woodsman, by Ava Reid, in her right hand. She’s wearing a copper t-shirt and a flowery dress.

And check out other Lighthouse faves - Mairi LOVED Mary Robinette Kowal's Calculating Stars and the intoxicating Marriage of Opposites, then there's Francesca Segal's witty, sumptuous The Innocents and Attenberg's hilarious Middlesteins, Naomi Alderman of The Power fame wrote a tense & tantalising lesbian romance with Disobedience. We'd love to know more of YOUR favourites!

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