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Celebrating our pasts and futures: LGBTQ+ History Month


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History is never static and it isn't one - it is the many stories we tell about ourselves and that have been told about us and our communities.

One of the many things we celebrate during LGBTQ+ History Month is this: that new stories keep coming to light, claming their place in the tapestry of history, righting wrongs. As a result, we keep learning new things about ourselves and each other.

We start the month this year by celebrating the launch of a book that does just this. Twenty-Eight: Stories from the Section 28 Generation gives space to those who were affected by the Section 28 legislation, to the students of the 80s, 90s and early 00s whose education and lives developed under its shadow. The book is launched on Feb 10th in the shop and you can also catch the event online. More info HERE.

Below, you'll find this essential anthology alongside the works of some of its contributors, such as Ely Percy and Carrie Marshall. The rest of the list consists of favourite texts about queer history, reframing and illuminating the past in which our lives have been shaped.

For further reading, have a look at our list of British queer history inspired by the TV-series It's a Sin. and this post from last year, in which we asked our booksellers about the book they'd spend a day with to celebrate queer joy.

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