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On Thursday 4th July we have the pleasure of welcoming poet and novelist Katie Hale to the shop for an evening in the company of ice, endless horizons and equally huge questions.

Katie's previous novel My Name is Monster was a dystopian favourite, sizzling with atmosphere and mystery. Now she's back with The Edge of Solitude, a powerful novel about the struggle between ambition and principles in a world hurling through climate crisis. Come celebrate its launch on July 4th!

In honour of this brilliant book, we put together a list of our favourite fiction grappling with climate change and collapse.

These are stories that challenge us to look forward as well as back through the histories that brought us to this point. Some focus on the present and the myriad ways of tackling it, some on the existential threats faced by communities for hundreds of years already, and some on how we imagine a future, exploring paths not taken and possibilities yet to be fought for with all our might.

In this list, we've focused on fiction that addresses climate, either directly or sideways in their own world-building. For a broader list on environmental fiction, check out THIS ONE.

Don't miss our hybrid launch of The Edge of Solitude with KATIE HALE and JESSICA GAITÁN JOHANNESSON on Thursday 4th July. Once you've voted in the general election, there's no better place to be than among community and ideas. Tickets are HERE.

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