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Colonised Minds - a reading list on the politics of psychology


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What happens when we question what we, generally in the Global North, have been taught about our minds and how they work, and instead examine them through an anti-colonial lens? This is a question at the core of Colonised Minds by Akira O'Connor & Erin Robbins, which we're immensely proud to be launching in the shop on Tuesday May 14th!

In celebration, we put together a list of books that take psychology and mental health beyond the individual and clinical and into politics and social justice, where it of course always belonged. It includes favourites such as Mad World by Micha Frazer-Carroll, Warp & Weft by Lisa Fannen and more recent releases such as It's Not Just You by Tori Tsui.

You can find out more about Colonised Minds and book your slot for the launch HERE.

If you'd like to explore more about mental health, disability and social justice, we recommend having a look at this recorded event with Micha Frazer-Carroll, Robert Chapman and Fiona Robertson from the Radical Book Fair in 2023.

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