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Fact and fiction: the pairing game


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As one of the team members who spends most time in the shop every week, it was only a matter of time before Hannah developed some unique routines. For a while now, she's been sharing pictures with the rest of the Lighthouse fam of pairs of non-fic and fic books that appear to have an affinity with each other.

Sometimes it makes perfect thematic sense - sometimes, all they may have in common is the word 'slime'.

This has developed into quite the collection and, obviously, we had to share it with you! It may just offer some gifting inspiration, context for a novel or ways of digging into a subject you get hooked on.

Educational? Sometimes. Fun? Always.

an image of the books Frankenstein in Baghdad and A Stranger in My Own Town on a wooden floor

An image of the books Birnam Wood and Get Guerilla Gardening

Two of our pairings are pictured above. We leave it to you to match the rest below!

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