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On Monday 18th March we're honoured to be hosting a virtual event with Lynne Jones, child psychiatrist, WHO and UNICEF consultant, and author of acclaimed books including Outside the Asylum and Then They Started Shooting. In the new Sorry for the Inconvenience But This Is an Emergency : The Nonviolent Struggle for Our Planet's Future, she brings a lifetime of learning through activism to our current moment of climate collapse, asking urgent questions about what we mean by non-violent resistance and what kind of actions are most effective in different contexts.

With the violence of climate distaster hitting the most vulnerable first and worst, and intersecting crises of health, inequality and environment enforcing each other, we need to throw everything we have, and all available knowledge, into the struggle ahead.

To expand on the threads in Lynne's book. and taking inspiration from it, we've put together a list of books exploring some of the histories of non-violent struggle, including books that question its limits and reframe its definition.

Join the conversation with Lynne Jones online on March 18th at 7pm! Book your slot HERE.

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