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How to pay it forward


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Stories and knowledge are for everyone. This is why we have our Pay It Forward scheme. Every now and then, we send out a gentle reminder (such as this one) for those in our community who weren't aware of it yet - so that everyone who needs it can use it, and everyone who's able to gets a chance to pass on the love.

Here's how it works:

Readers who can afford a little extra put money in a pot for those readers who might struggle to buy books - simple as that, an act of solidarity. Some put in 50p some put in £50, most chip in £3-5 when they’re buying something for themselves in the shop or online. We then add the sum to a virtual fund and have a wee board in the shop with some of the vouchers if the giver left a wee note.

Anyone can lift a tag, or use the code PAY-FORWARD-SOLIDARITY at checkout.

(Individual orders with PIF are now capped at £20 to make sure we have enough money to go around - for any orders over £20 we'll just send the first book(s) until we meet the cap. Thanks for understanding!)

If you wanna chip in, you can buy a voucher through the shop, feel free to leave a note for the tag in the comments!

A bit more info on the scheme can be found HERE.

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