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Introducing the Lighthouse Book Bundle Subscription!


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We know, as booksellers, that it can be hard to know what to read next (you should see our TBR piles). More than anything, we’re asked for recommendations; what we might read in response to a situation, or where we escape to when we’re caught up in certain emotional landscapes. We know, that over the course of the past year or so, knowing where to go next, what to do now, has not gotten any easier. Neither has trying to step into something new, seeking new adventure, or a different avenue for solace as well as surprises.

We looked to each other and asked what we might want when we’re feeling that way, and if we didn’t have a bunch of team members to keep throwing books at us. The answer was for someone to help us make a safe leap into worlds and voices we’d not come across before, which might  pass us by, to introduce us to something completely, sparkly, new.

This is why we're launching our own Book Subscriptions in April 2022!

We'll be kicking off with THREE different book subscriptions. To read about each of them, and get an idea of what kind of books you might receive, click on the links below:

Beacon - a non-fiction subscription, based around current affairs.

Hope is the Thing - a poetry subscription.

SMOL - a subscription that brings you fiction from small, indie presses.

What makes this different from other book subscriptions?

Well, all three are going to be rooted in Lighthouse values - the books will be radical, activist, feminist and antiracist. Subscriptions will also come with other wee offerings, following our Read Think Act ethos. We’ll include digital content every month, such as author videos, interviews and bookclubs. We’ll also feature further reading lists and suggest tangible ways for you to engage further with specific issues, pointing out community services, charities and campaign groups. In other words, we'll help you discover “what next?” - the 'act' in our ethos. We’ll also have custom goodies for you, like cute bookmarks and badges. We want you to discover new, exciting avenues, through politics, fiction, or poetry (or all three!)

Our subscriptions will be available to order in January. Make sure you know when it happens by signing up to our newsletter!

In the meantime, if you like the look of the bundles you can make any book order extra special this Christmas by MAKING IT A BUNDLE for £8.

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