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Introducing Hope is the Thing: a Poetry Bundle


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In January 2022, Lighthouse is taking the leap and starting our own book subscription! Read more about the why's and what's of this HERE.

All three subscriptions moves beyond the pages of a book, with each title tied to digital content, discussions and resources to take out in your life and community: a bundle to read, think and act from!

Hope Is The Thing is a poetry bundle that brings new and refreshing poetry to the forefront - with a little smattering of older collections from poets who have traditionally been overlooked… Each bundle will feature a poetry collection carefully picked and introduced by one of the Lighthouse family, as well as a bookmark and a digital offering - such as a bookclub, author Q&A, video reading etc.

To give you an idea of what a Hope is the Thing Lighthouse subscription might look like, we put together a list of books we WOULD have highlighted, had we come up with this idea a year ago. Below, you'll find what we may have picked throughout 2021 - a subscription time travel, if you will, should you be tempted to try the real thing.

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In the meantime, if you like the look of the bundles you can make any book order extra special this Christmas by MAKING IT A BUNDLE for £8.

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