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Queer books & queer authors belong in Schools: Solidarity with Simon James Green


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Simon James Green writes hilarious, inclusive, vibrant books for children. He's won awards for these very good books.

Simon James Green is a gay man. Some of his books have gay characters.

This week the homophobic Archdiocese of Southwark has BANNED him from talking about his YA books in the Catholic Schools it oversees, recycling the bigotry of Section 28 to claim he is 'promoting a gay lifestyle'. The full story is HERE and it's vile.

It should come as no suprise that as a bookshop - indeed, a radical bookshop - we believe passionately in the power of books. The right book, in the right hands, at the right time can be a gateway, a lifeline or armour that's desperately needed. This is especially true for children.

Beyond the wilds of the internet, children rely on us - adults, elders, educators, parents and family - to make sure they have access to the books they need.

All children need, and deserve, to access books where they feel seen, understood and valued, no matter what their identity is, no matter their background, faith, race, gender or sexuality.

We're horrified and deeply troubled that in 2022 a critically acclaimed children's author has had events in a STATE SCHOOL sabotaged and cancelled by the bigotry of a religious body.

Simon has asked for the following on twitter, please show some solidarity!

"We need to make some noise. Like, RT, and amplify. I wanto see how wrong they are. Don’t bother the school - they’ve done nothing wrong. They’ve been lovely. More importantly…

I want the LGBT students there, for whom this sends the most terrible message, to see how much love and support there is for them all. That they’re fine, they’re not sinful, problematic or in any way wrong.

·If you run any organisation to do with books / young people / LGBT / education - any statement of support will be appreciated."

Please take a moment to do so.

And if you're a parent or educator, maybe check in with your own school to see if his books are in their library.

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