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Children are made readers in the laps of the parents & guardians - it’s never too soon to start turning those pages, and never too late to discover the magic of books. Here is a selection of books for younger humans, great epics and small adventures, new friends and lands and experiences for readers age 0 and up!

Books to inspire and beguile, to encourage new generations to think and engage and connect with the world in warmer, kinder, more curious ways.

All kids read differently and take to books in different ways at different ages, there is no wrong age or way to read a book so please note that where we’ve specified an age it is for guidance only! That said, here are some broad strokes to navigate the sections by:

  • board books are aimed at ages 0-3yrs
  • picture books 3-6yrs
  • first chapter books are 6-8yrs
  • middle grade books are 8-12ish
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