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Read Think Act Ep. 13: The Poetry of Many voices with Vahni (Anthony Ezekiel) Capildeo


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"Hey look, put the work in. These texts are not just documentary, they're in living dialogue with the dead and gone, the here and present and the there and elsewhere" - Vahni (Anthony Ezekiel) Capildeo

Welcome to the latest Read Think Act, part of our video series where writing and activism go hand in hand (or head to head) and we explore the space where they intersect, taking ideas from the pages and into our communities.

For episode 13 we're bringing you a proper gem!

To celebrate the Jhalak prize shortlist, the famously innovative writer Vahni (Anthony Ezekiel) Capildeo answers three questions: about birds, creative exchange and opening the poem to a plurality of languages.

Vahni (Anthony Ezekiel) Capildeo is a Trinidadian Scottish writer of poetry and non-fiction. Capildeo's eight books and eight pamphlets include Like a Tree, Walking (Carcanet, November 2021) and The Dusty Angel (Oystercatcher, 2021).

Below you'll find the Jhalak prize shortlisted Like a Tree, Walking - a collection whose title was taken from a story about of sight miraculously regained - as well as some of the other authors mentioned in the episode.

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