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Read Think Act Ep 4 with Andreas Malm


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Welcome to #ReadThinkAct, a brand new author interview series at Lighthouse. It's been brewing for a while, and golly are we excited to share it with you.

Read Think Act are short videos which make the connections between books and activism explicit. In each episode, we meet an author and have a conversation about what brought them to an issue, where their book takes us, and what we can do to turn words into action in our communities.

In episode 4 we chat to Andreas Malm, scholar and author of White Skin, Black Fuel, How to Blow Up a Pipeline and Corona, Climate , Chronic Emergency among other brilliant books. In the episode, Andreas talks to Jess about writing a book as part of a collective, how white supremacy and climate collapse go hand in hand and, what kind of varied tactics are urgently needed to survive both.

With COP26 in Glasgow just around the corner, these are groups and collectives you can still get involved with, in November and beyond, to make sure that those in power are held responsible, and place climate justice at the centre of our response to the crisis:

Climate Camp Scotland

The COP26 Coallition

Extinction Rebellion Scotland

Stop the Cambo Oil Field

Glasgow Calls Out Polluters

Catch Andreas at this in-person panel as part of our Radical Book Fair on Nov 11th: Organising for a Planet on Fire

New episodes of Read Think Act will be announced in our newsletter, Twitter and Instagram, but you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE.

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