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Now, I admit, I am not a cyclist- I lack the balance & coordination to avoid rolling into bollards, lamposts and general embarassment. But over the last few years I have become fascinated by people & culture shaping what is a sport, a movement, perhaps even an art. I have embraced armchair cycling, beguiled and transported by the likes of Gears for Queers, and Fifty Miles Wide.

Which is why I'm also very excited that next week - 16th-25th July- Edinburgh Festival of Cycling is hosting the 20th Anniversary Bicycle Film Festival #2!

A diverse curation of filmmaking styles: narratives, documentaries, international award-winning filmmakers, and emerging directors all share equal billing.

See an authentic and raw glimpse into: the history of the bicycle; The incredibly stunning and thrilling view of the annual Tour De Rwanda; The story of Julian Molina, the beloved, full-throttle one-legged cyclist the First female BMX competition at a major sporting event.

The variety & vibrancy of the stories they tell, reflect the joy and creativity of of some of favourite local bike nuts. So this seems the PERFECT opportunity to give a wee shout out the amazing humans at Farr Out.

Alex - who lugged boxes of books and poured wine at the Assembly Roxy for the Radical Book Fair - helped set up Farr Out, Edinburgh's Zero Emission Delivery Service. If you live within the bypass and have ordered books from us, your parcel probably have reached you through them, and aren't they LOVELY.

If you ever need anything delivered within Edinburgh consider these rockstars - you'd be supporting good people doing good things, a wee indie with an environmental mission: Farr Out!

Farr Out's own David: even had a book suggestion for you 'Julian Sayarer's Life Cycles is a real inspiration to show just what's possible when 'ordinary' people decide to take a stand and do something seemingly enormous, for the right reasons and to make a difference. It's an awesome ride and read and his eventual success against the odds surely played a role in shaping my thoughts about what's possible as well as showing how transformative cycling is as a medium.'

So get your tix to the Bicycle Film Festival, and, win-win here, send a pal in Edinburgh a book so you can be supporting TWO wee indies ;P We have some recommendations below...

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