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So Far So very Good: Queer Sci-fi/Fantasy


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We're well over half-way through 2021, and with so many outstanding books published mid-lockdown at the beginning of the year, we thought it was good time we hauled them back up and gave them some more well-deserved love.

Bring on 'So Far So Very Good': a series of round-ups of our booksellers' favourite books published so far in 2021.

Here's Lindsay with three highlights:

I am forever thinking about Future Feeling's hallucinogenic trans-led urban fantasy.

Shoutout to A Dowry of Blood for hot bi poly vampires! Goals tbh.

Speaking of vampires (and witches,) check out Bleeding Hearts for a sweet sapphic romance wrapped in an era-spanning adventure! It's a sequel but you don't need to have read the first.

You'll find the rest of Lindsay's favourite queer fantasy and sci-fi from the first half of 2021 below!

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