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The Definition Of Us

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NORMAL (definition)(adj.) Conforming to a standard; regular, typical or expected (urban) A word inapplicable to human being s(Florence).

Round, smooth and bumpy like a cobbled street, Florence doesn't always see things the way other people do. She feels different. When Florence meets Jasper, Andrew and Wilf she can't imagine they'd have much in common - with at least five mental health conditions between them, they all have very different reasons for being referred to Manor Lane Therapy Centre.

It's only when their therapist, Howard, goes missing that they find a common purpose. Worried by his disappearance and wanting answers, the four of them decide to track him down. As they cross the country in a 'borrowed' van, asking each other Ultimate Questions and facing a series of challenges along the way, they start to reveal their true selves - and Florence realises there's more to all of them than just a diagnosis ...

Maybe they're not so different after all? Full of irreverent humour, witty dialogue and characters you can't help but fall in love with, this timely novel is perfect for fans of John Green, Rainbow Rowell and Jennifer Niven.

Published 10/07/2018 (Piatkus Books) in United Kingdom
Paperback | 272 pages