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All Of Us With Wings

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Seventeen-year-old Xochi wants to forget her past, haunted by memories of grief, abandonment and abuse. As a runaway in San Francisco, she never expected to encounter the precocious preteen Pallas, or to fall into a position as the girl's governess. Soon, Xochi has taken up residence at the sprawling Victorian mansion belonging to Pallas' family, the glamorous rock band Lady Frieda. After a few weeks in the household, Xochi is finally getting used to Lady Frieda's rockstar fame and free-love attitude. For the first time, she feels like she may have a place she belongs. But as the hired help, she doesn't know if she can call this home - especially since she's still trying to run from her own troubled history. The one night after a Lady Frieda concert, Xochi and Pallas perform a riot-grrl ritual in good fun, accidentally summoning a pair of ancient creatures determined to exact vengeance for wrongs against Xochi. No one around her is safe not her new family, nor the one she left behind.

Published 25/06/2020 in United States
Paperback | 1 pages