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The erasure of Palestine in German-speaking Worlds

Featured Speakers

Anna Younes, Hanna Al-Taher, Emran Feroz, Sarah El Bulbeisi

Why is it so difficult to talk about Palestine in Germany and German-speaking worlds?

This panel will explore the authoritarian logics of German public culture that erase Palestine and preclude acknowledgement and condemnation of the ongoing genocide in Gaza. Reflecting on their experiences in the arts, culture, media and the neoliberal university in Germany, Austria and German-speaking institutions in Switzerland, the panellists will disentangle common tropes about authoritarianism, Islam and culture, and liberal and illiberal democracies

At the same time, the discussion will also seek to create a space in which we can amplify and join expressions of solidarity in German-speaking worlds that identify politically as left, liberatory and radical and that address recent manifestations of policing and state violence against Palestinians and their allies.


Anna Younes is a German Palestinian scholar of race critical theories, using psychoanalytic and settler-/de/-colonial approaches; alongside her academic work she is fighting censorship and digital surveillance in Germany.

Hanna Al-Taher is a political scientist and lecturer in political theory at the University of Dresden and a fellow at Darat al Funun in Amman.

Sarah El Bulbeisi is a Research Associate at the Orient Institut Beirut and studies, amongst other things, Palestinian subject-formation in Germany and Switzerland.

Emran Feroz is a journalist, author, and the founder of Drone Memorial - a virtual memorial for civilian drone strike victims.

Moderators: Paniz Musawi Natanzi and Rahul Rao (University of St Andrews)

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