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Read Think Act Ep. 21: Becca Andrews on fighting for abortion rights


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"It's important for us to learn how to talk about abortion without stigma (...) that is not to say that anyone owes the world their abortion story."

Welcome to Read Think Act, our video series where writing and activism go hand in hand (or head to head) and we explore the space where they intersect, taking ideas from the pages and into our communities.

For our last episode of 2022, we're joined by Becca Andrews, author of 'No Choice: The Fall of Roe v. Wade and the Fight to Protect the Right to Abortion'. Becca answers three questions about the books that gave her a framework for reproductive justice, the significance of Roe v. Wade globally, and how to best support the fight for abortion rights.

Below you'll find most of the books mentioned by Becca in the video, alongside other Lighthouse reccommendations on the topic of reproductive rights and justice.

Here in Scotland, we recommend checking out the work of Back Off Scotland. Mairi wrote a blog about their work and the landscape of abortion rights a while ago. You'll find it HERE with other resoruces.

Lastly, a link to our Read Think Act episode with Dolen Perkins-Valdez on her novel 'Take My Hand', based on cases of forced sterilisation in the US. Reproductive justice means full bodily autonomy - regardless of choice.

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