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We’re moved & inspired by Back Off Scotland' campaign to protect patients from harassment by anti-abortion zealots at Chalmers Street clinic in Edinburgh - and now across Scotland.

1 in 3 women in UK have an abortion by age 45. I am one them. I can say so without shame or pain thanks to those who fought for my right to choose. There is no feminist future, no social justice without reproductive choice, but the idea that abortion is healthcare is continually attacked.

It was a privilege to do a mini collaboration with them in November 2020 - we explored writing on abortion, reproductive rights, bodies, sex positivity & more, over on Back Off Scotland's instagram.

In light of Texas latest draconian abortion ban and the renewed conversations about protecting abortion rights in the UK we're reopening donations.

Here are the books we featured in that first collaboration and throughout September 2021 we will again donated 10% of sales to abortion rights groups in the UK.

Thanks to those who helped us raise some cold hard cash for Back of Scotland in the orginal campaign - Check out their work, get involved, spread the word: Details HERE!

Scotland's reproductive healthcare benefited from extension of telemedical abortions during the pandemic. Let's keep pressure on the Scottish Government to continue this vital provision beyond the covid crisis- more on this from Engender Scotland HERE.

There have been demands recently to cut abortion time limits for foetal abnormalities in the UK, writer and disability activist Dr Frances Ryan has written about this important and nuanced topic and we recommend giving this a read.

As in the US, it is likely that anti-abortion campaigners will bankroll, support or create legal routes to restrictions and many won't know until it's too late - we're seeing it already.

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