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April is all about bodies and wisdom this year, as we're lucky enough to be welcoming two wonderful writers: women who combine science with personal insight and spectacular skills in communicating both.

On April 10th Florence Schechter, founder of the glorious Vagina Museum in London (do check out their work!), is here to celebrate the arrival of 'V: an empowering celebration of the vulva and vagina'. , taking us through a journey of celebration, understanding and appreciation.

Only two days later, on April 12th, it's time to explore the history and future of wombs with midwife, author and activist Leah Hazard. 'Womb: The inside story of where we all began' is a stunning exploration of the uterus as more than its biological parts.

In celebration of these two coming events, here's a wee list in celebration of bodily knowledge and understanding!

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