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The Confusion of ethnicity forms: Stories of multiracial experiences


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I moved to the UK a decade ago. The moment of confusion when being asked to fill in an ethnicity form has never left . It usually lands on 'mixed/other', which always feels a bit like the 'left-over' corner - which in turn says something about what it means to categorise race and ethnicity. Belonging can never be fully boxed in, and of course there is no such thing as 'the multiracial experience' - each story of being 'mixed' is unique.

Nevertheless, certain feelings find affinity in each other in these stories. The books in this list explore what it's like to always be asked 'but where are you really from?' from a variety of angles, in fiction and non-fiction. For the purpose of space and doing the theme justice, we decided to stick with books for older readers this time, but here is another list: multiracial representation in books for young readers.

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