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What is justice, and who is it for?

If you are white, and middle class, chances are the police represent safety to you. The police are who you call when something seriously bad has happened. But the mainstream representation of police as protectors, and the legal system as one of justice, is wildly out of sync with reality, and history, for many.

We believe a powerful, inspired and nuanced case has been made for a future without prisons and police. A future with better social safety nets, boldly addressing poverty, prejudice and poor mental health.

If you're commited to fighting racism, patriarchy, ableism and poverty and you aren't engaging with abolition you're missing something critical. Abolition doesn't happen in a vacuum and it won't happen overnight it's part of a wider radical politics, a politics of hope- take a look for yourself.

You'll find loads of free resources and events with UK based Abolitionist Futures.

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