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Happy #ACEWEEK: Tremendous reads with Asexual rep


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We've curated a wee celebration of an oft overlooked identity in the rainbow family: asexuality!

“Maybe we weren't broken after all.” ― Calista Lynne, We Awaken

“Not a robot, not a freak, not confused. Just a girl.” ― Kathryn Ormsbee

"For everyone who has wanted to want more" Angela Chen, Ace

Asexuality, like any term that refers to human identities, attempts to describe a dynamic reality; a vivid spectrum in which true liberation means creating your own space, your own home. Be it ace, aromantic or demisexual, representation matters - in fiction and personal reflections. It is joy and insight, the right book is a friend and a comfort. For those who've never had the words for themselves (or others), it's a gateway, an invitation.

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