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"Action starts with us, the young people of Scotland. We need the tools and resources to succeed and we are the ones who can and will stand up to racism." - Lana Abbas, 2019 IYS study of student experiences of racism in Scotland.

Inspired by Intercultural Youth Scotland terrific work supporting, nourishing, and boosting young people of colour in Scotland, here are some phenomenal reads by writers of colour to expand horizons and feed the imaginations of 12 - 14 year olds who want to experience a world in full colour.

If you would like to source copies of these books for your school or local library and don't have the funds or need a discount, please reach out! We LOVE an opportunity to help diversify a library!

You can also help us get copies of Layla Saad's book into Scottish secondary schools by donating to our crowdfunder HERE.

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